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I’m happy you’ve taken time out of your day to feed your soul and nurture your spirit, particularly through what seem like weary times.  I’ve created this monthly series of podcasts to offer an insight into some outstanding people in order to nurture joy, inspiration and reconnection.

And Then There Were Humans was born from the deep gratitude that I felt from incredible conversations I have had with people who have touched the lives of many around them.  I have spent a large volume of my life coaching and mentoring, whether in my previous role as a personal trainer or more recently as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

During the lockdowns, I began to consider the human condition.  Our complexities and nuances never cease to amaze and inspire me.  Our journeys are often challenging, painful, scary, and shocking and at the same time there are wonderful moments of joy, compassion and learning as we navigate our life’s traumas and moments of grief along the way.

We all need moments to help us balance and benefit from the guidance we collectively create. We are by nature social creatures and often stumble along the way to make sense of it all.  So take a moment in your day and join me and maybe you’ll discover something to enrich and make you smile.

Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

– Chris

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Episode 3: Introducing Rob Lawless

Episode 3 kicks off with Rob Lawless. A man on a mission to spend 1 hour, 1:1, with 10,000 different people. Since November of 2015, Rob’s met over 5,000 people across 85+ countries, documenting their stories through his Instagram, @robs10kfriends.  Rob’s also been featured by media, including the Kelly Clarkson Show, the TODAY Show and On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and has been invited to meet by figures like Drew Scott and Zach King.  Using his experience from over 5,000 conversations, Rob now inspires others to capture the value of intentional human connection, and has spoken at places like TEDx, Amazon and Pepperdine University! To sponsor Rob on his journey you can support him at

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Episode 2: Introducing Emma Towers Evans

Joining me on ATTWH is the truly talented (and lovely) Pencil Artist Emma Towers Evans.  Emma is a truly gifted hyper-realist artist who has created some of the most beautiful and photo realistic images you have ever seen.  We caught up with Emma to discuss her passion and process behind her form and delve into the subtle nuances of this amazing medium. I feel really excited about bringing you this podcast today, it was such a fun conversation to have, especially when you turn your mic on!   You can follow Emma on TikTok @eteportraits, where she does a live stream every weekday from 6-8pm and to view her incredible work (which you can also buy) on Check us out on TikTok and Instagram  @AndThenThereWereHumans and follow us on You Tube for the Vodcast video to accompany this series.   We love to hear from you so please get in touch at  Enjoy 

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Emma Towers Evans


‘If it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.’
– Arnold Schoenberg

Episode 1: Introducing Gail Porter

Joining me on ATTWH is Bafta Award winning Television and Radio Presenter Gail Porter.  Gail is one of those rare and unique people who first began her career on children’s and breakfast TV before branching out on to programmes such as Dead Famous, Fully Loaded and Top of The Pops and later onto modelling, which resulted on her nude image being emblazoned onto the side of the Houses of Parliament.  In more recent times, Gail has been incredibly open about her battles with mental health and alopecia in the hope that her platform could help others going through adversity. I’m so grateful to Gail for speaking with such openness and discussing her journey. And of course thank you to Pickles (Gail’s cat) for making a guest appearance too.   Please like and subscribe to our Instagram channel @and_then_there_were_humans and you can watch the video on our You Tube Channel And Then There Were Humans
Producer: Chris O’Hanlon

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Chris is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. As a clinical hypnotherapist my aim is to ensure that all of those amazing people I work with receive the very best treatment, while being able to work towards measurable goals. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about helping people and assisting them in their journey to become mentally and physically stronger. The process is about facilitating positive change, which brings greater insight and belief into one’s abilities and direction. Hypnotherapy is about working together in helping the unconscious mind find solutions. It’s an opportunity to incorporate a positive mindset and in so doing create a stronger, more confident person”.